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An Introduction to MLM Generation Plan

Also known as Repurchase Plan/Gap Commission Plan, the MLM Generation Plan purely depends on the sale of the product. This is sort of motivational selling where the head of the tree motivates the members to sell the products by offering bonuses and incentives after achieving the target specified.

MLM Generation plan fits well for the companies that deal into purely consumable goods. It doesn't involve advertising products through different modes like TV Ads, PPC, newspapers, etc. to boost product sales. It completely depends on word of the mouth marketing.

Proud Technologies Generation plan solution is designed to help companies in maintaining the stock, sales, product sales record per person as well as team to keep the processes streamlined.

How Generation Plan MLM Software Works?

The Generation plan software from Proud Technologies is the best solution for eCommerce companies not only to keep their inventory record, but also to keep the division and network of members into different levels/generations in place.

Easily customizable, our solution allows companies to improve and increase their referral programs while keeping the other processes and workflow functioning. Our objective is to automate the processes of management that will eventually enhance the performance and efficiency of the overall generation.

Why Our Solution is Your Road to Success?

The experienced team of professionals we have, at Proud Technologies, have facilitated the advanced integrations, and user-friendly interface in a cost-effective package to allow the companies to earn target revenues within time.

Additionally, we have multiple generation software solutions to suit different MLM companies as well as individuals. We take immense proud in having a satisfied client base who really loved the functionality of our solutions. We offer after-sales support to maintain our most valuable relationship i.e. with our customers. Ours is the quality assured processes and products that go a long way with our clients in their road to success.

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