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MLM Business Consultancy

With our 15 years experience in this Industry, we can provide you best ideas from starting an
MLM Company to reaching the highest profitability in MLM Business

*Note: We do NOT entertain fraud or illegal MLM practicies

Want to grow your MLM Business ?
Our team will help you to get everything you need for your MLM
With our experience and industry expertise we know what works and how. Which is one of the main reason why MLM Companies from all over the country prefer our consultancy services

How to get listed on Provisional List of
Direct Selling Entities on Department
of Consumer Affairs official

  • Comply with the Guidelines
  • Submit Undertaking & Declaration to Department of Consumer Affairs
  • Department Verifies the Documents
  • Once the verification is done, Companies name will be added to the list on the official website
Cost Structure & Plan Design
Many aspects of your Product Package(s) affect in designing your Payout Plan
Based on these and several other aspects you will be able to decide which Plan / Structure will be most suitable for your MLM Company. It is a complex process that’s why sooner or later every MLM Company needs to consult an industry expert

MLM Compensation Plan Key Parameters

  • Direct Sponsor Pay-out
  • Network Pay-out
  • Network Pay-out
  • Level Bonus
  • Pay-out Cycle
  • Capping on Pay-out
  • Award / Reward
  • Royalty
  • Additional Pay-outs
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