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Proud Technologies is committed to providing software services of assured quality through solution leadership and continual process improvement, ensuring customer satisfaction.

We understand its direct impact on the businesses of clients. Our Quality Management is more than a set of processes to ensure product quality and on-time delivery.

Our quality practices is continuously enhanced through regular internal audits, project audits (each project has its own quality control plan), assessment of process parameters, and client feedback.

Our Passion for Quality permeates everything we do with robust systems and processes to facilitate consistent high quality deliverables to our clients every time.

W3C Standards World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community dedicated to the development of standards for deploying web-based applications. Every website we design strictly adheres to standards defined by W3C, and is validate by W3C online validator before it's delivered.

Documentation plays a vital role in development of every software solution. It not just help software engineers to know what needs to be developed but also proves to be useful in accomplishing future enhancements and software maintenance. Every project we undertake begins with conceptualization phase and outcome of this phase is well documented working, flows and data flow diagrams for the application to be developed.

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